Congratulations to Xue-Hui Shi for her paper accepted by ACS Applied Nano Mater.!

In breast cancer (BC), the tumor microenvironment contains various cell types and extracellular components, of which CD68 and CD47 are two key factors. Recent studies have shown that simultaneous high expression of CD68 and CD47 is associated with poor prognosis in BC. However, there is no direct methodological evidence to support this finding. Here, using our own preparation of different functionalized quantum dots, we successfully achieved dual-color in situ fluorescence imaging of CD68 and CD47 with high spatial resolution. This imaging approach provided directly observable evidence that cancer cells evading immune responses are surrounded by more macrophages, suggesting that the coevolution of CD68 and CD47 during BC development can promote cancer cell metastasis. Taken together, our results provide direct evidence for evaluating prognostic factors of BC and will contribute to our understanding of the tumor microenvironment and its role in tumor evolution.
发布日期:2022-01-15 15:52