Congratulations to Di Ning for his papper accepted by Advanced Materials

The  plasma  membranes  (PM)  of  mammalian  cells  contain  diverse  lipids,  proteins  and carbohydrates that are important for systemic recognition and communication in health and disease. Cell membrane coating technology that imparts unique properties of natural plasma membranes to the  surface  of  encapsulated  nanoparticles  is  thus  becoming  a  powerful  platform  for  drug  delivery, immunomodulation,  and  vaccination.  However,  current  coating methods  fail  to take  full  advantage of the natural systems because they disrupt the complex and functionally essential features of PMs, most notably the chemical diversity and compositional differences of lipids in two leaflets of the PM. Herein, we report a new lipid coating approach in which the lipid composition is optimized through a combination   of   biomimetic   and   systematic   variation   approaches   for   the   custom   design   of nanocarrier systems for precision drug delivery. Nanocarriers coated with the optimized lipids offer unique   advantages   in   terms   of   bioavailability   and   the   efficiency   in   tumor   targeting,   tumor penetration, cellular uptake, and drug release. This pilot study provides new insight into the rational design and optimization of nanocarriers for cancer chemotherapeutic drugs, and lays the foundation for    further    customization    of    cell    membrane-mimicking    nanocarriers    through    systematic incorporation of other components.
发布日期:2023-10-08 15:02